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Danse Suggérée


1,2,3 Get Your Feet Down Ann Taylor
Acky Breaky Heart Acky Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
Any Man Of Mine                 Canadian Stomp Shania Twain
Bad moon rising

Bad Moon On The Rise

Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bare Essentials                            Bare Essentials Lee Kernaghan
Black Coffee Black Coffee Lacy J Dalton
Blue bayou

Blue Bayou

Linda Ronstadt
Blue Rose is Blue Rose Tillis Pam
Boot Scooting Boogie           Vancouver Boogie Brooks and Dunn
Burning Love Burning Love Wynonna Judd
Carolina morning

CityLight Swing (PD )

Micky and the Motorcars
Closer                                                Closer

Susan Ashton

Designated Drinker

Designated Drinker

Alan Jackson

Does the Wind Still Blow in Oklahoma      

Oklahoma Wind

Reba and Ronnie Dunn

Don't You Wish It Was True Don't You Wish John Fogerty
Every Little Thing East Coast Switch Carlene Carter
Everybody Knows                          Choré : Jane Thorpe Dixie Chicks

Feral Kev and General Leroy             

Final Test Jayne Denham
Ghost ride in the sky Wild Stallion Texas Sunrise
Girl Crush                                           Girl Crush

Little Big Town

Gypsy Queen                              Gypsy Queen Chris Norman
Have you ever seen the rain

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

The Smokie

Heartache by the Number                    

Heartache by the Number

Martina McBride

Help Me Make It Through The Night  

Choreographer:Guylaine Bourdages

Martina McBride
Home to louisiana Home to louisiana Ann Tayler
Honky Tonk Heart                              Honky Tonk Heart   :   Marie Sorensen Hightway 101
Hot road heart

Hot Rod heart - Ghost train

Creedence Clearwater Revival
I can't be bothered I can't be bothered Miranda Lambert

I Don't Feel That Way Anymore         

That Way  by Copper Knob Danni Leigh
I Feel a Heartache                     
Choreographer: Jan "Stray Cat" Brookfield
Danni Leigh
I Wish It Would Rain                   When the Diamonds Fall Lisa McHugh
It happens

Rhyme Or Reason

it's a heartache it's a heartache Bonnie Tyler

Choreograped by Vamos

Johnny Cash & June Carter


Jolène Jolène : Salfoo

Miley Cyrus

Jolie Louise

Ma jolie Louise

Isabelle Boulay

Let your momma go                           
Go mama go

Ann tayler

Like a Rose                              Like a Rose  by Mal Jones

Ashley Monroe

Little Yellow Blanket                       

Alison & Peter, TheDanceFactoryUK

Dean Brody

Love Me a Little Bit Longer               

Love Me a Little Bit Longer : Dennis Foley & Verity Mills

Heather Myles

Lovin' All Night                                  

Whishful thinking

Patty Loveless
Mexican Wind Mexican Wind Jann Browne ( accoust)
My Baby's Kiss                          Baby Kisses The Jenkins

Neon Moon                                       

Neon Moon

Carrie Underwood

Oh lonesome                                      

East Cost Switch (couple)

Dany Leight
On the Road Again                      On the Road Again Ann Tayler
Patients Hearts Patients Hearts Bekka &  Billy



Carrie Underwood

Remember When

Where Weve Been |,Remember Alan Jackson : Marie Sorensen

Carrie Underwood

Rose Garden

Rose Garden

Martina McBride

Save the last dance for me

Feel Free ( PD )

Heidi Hauge

Send Me A Letter Amanda                 

Choreographed by: Marie Sorensen

Hallur & The Bellamy Brothers

Something to die - Modern Romance

Choreographer: Kate Sala

Fiona Culley

Somewhere Between                          

Single Walzt

Suzy Bogguss

Speak To The Sky

Speak To The Sky

Chris James

Stand by your man The Sway Dixie Chicks

Strong Enough To Cry                                 

Strong Enough To Cry by John Warnars

Joey Martin

Take Me Home  ( Country Road ) Country Road Olivia Newton John

Thank God For The Radio                 

Camp One Alan Jackson
Thanks a Lot                        Thanks a Lot   Robert  Mizzell
The Gospel                                          The Gospel Frank Foster
The lost and Found                         

Lost and Found : Choreographer : Jan Wyllie

The Derailed
The midnight special Spring Swing Creedence Clearwater Revival

The Running Kind

Choreographer : Fred Fassiaux

Radney Foster

The She Kissed Me                            Derailed The Derailled
Those Kind of Places                          Memories by the Dreamers (Catalan)

Jason Savory

Today I Started Loving You Again      

Back to front

Lloyd Green

Too Strong To Break                            

Tag on

Beccy Cole

Tougher Than the Rest                     

Tougher Than the Rest

Ida jenshus   or  Chris LeDoux

Trick Rider                                             Trick Rider

Johnny Brady

Turn it on, Turn it up, Turn me loose    

Turn me loose --- Turn it cowboy

Dwight Yoakam

Wait A Minute Just A Minute Sarah Evans
Wasted                                           Wasted Carrie Underwood
Wave on Wave                               Wave on Wave Pat Green

You Ain't Dolly And you Ain't Porter       

You Ain't Dolly : Marie Sorensen

Ashley Monroe & Blake Shelton

You Never Can Tell  (c'est la vie)           Just Right Chely Wright

Your Man

Just your Man  de Søren Kristensen

Josh Turner

Coffee Day an Whiskey Night

Choré: Ivonne Verhagen

Robynn Shayne

Choré  :  Rob Fowler

Blake Shelton
Does the wind still blow in Oklahoma Oklahoma Wind Reba & Ronnie Duun

Drinking and Dreaming

choré: Frederic Fassiaux

Waylon Jennings

Drinking  Thing choré: Nancy Rosera Ronnie Duun

I need more of you

Choré by  : Lesley Clark

Bellamy Brothers

I Will always Love You

Choré by : John Warnars (NL)

Dolly Parton

If Hollywood don't need you

choré: Frederic Fassiaux

Don Williams

If You Love Me

Choré by : Jazmin Tan

Olivia Newton John

Lonely Drum

Lonely Drum

Aaron Goodvin

Lord help Me

Choré de M. Sorensen

Bellamy Brothers
No body

Choré:Susan Doyle (USA) & Kathy Brown (USA

Blake Shelton
Play Boy Choré by: Karl-Harry Winson Midland

Somebody Save The Honky Tonk's

choré: Frederic Fassiaux

Mark Chesnutt


Choreographed by: D & S Line Dance

Miranda Lambert

When It Rains It Pours

Choreographed by Antonella Fedi

Luke Combs

You lied to Me

Choré by: Marie Sorensen

Tracy Bird



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